Children are safe and going to heaven. It’s only a temporary deal though. Once you grow up, you get to make the choice. God vs. Satan, Good vs. Evil, Heaven vs. Hell. Give them an advantage of having a relationship with God from the time they’re a kido. The prayers from young hearts are innocent and pure. It will be a gift for you to keep in your memory.



I remember standing in my childhood neighborhood as a kid, thinking, something’s strange about me. I had a body and eyes like everyone else, but I felt inside the body and head. Like it was a window to the outside world. I knew a deep ability was there, but couldn’t figure out how to use it. I had this feeling many times over the next 20 plus years. Not until I was in my mid 30’s, did I learn what it was….
Life is a War4Souls
God hopes people choose him in return for making them..
The devil is fighting to collect, and is doing a great job.
If tonight’s the night, who’s got yours? FYI – It’s too late when he gets here to pick teams. Times running out. Literally. Either your clocks going to stop or Gods is.
Have you ever felt like your on a boat dock yelling and signaling to the swimmers that there’s a shark behind them? Meanwhile, there laughing and making fun of you. It sucks. So dry off and pick a team.

Heaven’s Not White

Heaven's Not White


Who wants to sit on clouds and stare at white fluff all day? Not I…
So when I heard it was in HD+ and had more colors than the rainbow had to offer, I was interested.
Then he explained (Pastor Rick Warren in service)we are going to be working on things we love doing. Like what, I thought.
I look forward to finding out. No sitting around being bored…